Create central photo/video repository

We need a central place to host our photo/videos. I’m experimenting with the following process

Create user
Add as partner account so all photos are shared back to admin@
Move existing photo albums that Deborah’s collected to photos
Consider renaming. Should it be images@ for example?
Set-up forwarding to (or external comms?)
Write policy for who has access to which photos

  • Document who is responsible for taking care of
    • Domain of External Comms is my suggestion!
  • Before an event, ask to create a shared album and add the relevant people. Have photos@ create the album so that it can be organized under the Albums view
  • Name album and add text so that people can see what the album is all about
  • Add faces when possible
  • Upload only the good photos and videos!
  • High quality, which means anything over 16MB will be compressed. Anything needs to be printed at, let’s say, a banner size, keep in Google Drive instead.