Education Innovation Happy Hour with 4.0 Schools on 9/17

Hey! Come to the education innovation happy hour that I’m hosting with 4.0 Schools on 9/17!

You’ll learn how people with ideas on how to improve education in New York City can get coaching, connections, and up to $10,000 in funding to turn their ideas into reality through the 4.0 Schools fellowship programs. The first drink is on us!

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Personally, #NYCEDU wouldn’t exist at all without 4.0. I learned so much from going through their programs myself 5 years ago, especially how to accept the ambiguity of knowing that I DON’T have answers, and that’s okay. because all I need to do is trust in my values, trust in the people around me, and trust that together, we can accomplish great things.

@SJames I saw in your intro that you’re looking to restart your web platform! This would be a great event for you. Can you make it?

Thank you @deborahchang! I will be there with bells on!

That’s great!! Be sure to invite other people :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got an idea for how to improve education in #NYC? I encourage you to join @4pt0schools on Tues. 9/17 to learn about how you can get up to $10,000 to build your idea. RSVP here:

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The 4.0 Schools Essentials and Tiny Fellowships offer coaching, connections, and up to $10,000 for people to test their ideas for new education programs, services, tools, or learning spaces.

Register here to attend their Education Innovation Happy Hour on September 17th! You’ll meet 4.0 Schools alumni, network with fellow education champions, and learn more about these opportunities. The first drink is on them!

If you can’t make it to the event, fill out the interest form to be informed of other opportunities.

Or email this to individuals

Hey, you’ve got to apply to 4.0 Schools’ fellowship programs. Application opens Sept. 13th, and you can learn all about them here: The fellowships provide connections, coaching, and up to $300 to run the first test of your idea or $10,000 to run a pilot! They’re also hosting a happy hour on September 17th for you to learn more in person. Register for the event here.

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I tweeted it out! :selfie:t5:

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