Feedback from Dany DeGrave

Hi team. I was able to see how @danydegrave experienced our forum this past week. Here’s his feedback and the status on that feedback.

First Impressions
:outbox_tray: Make the banner more appealing: have a picture, fewer words, and a clear call to action. @rachelkate.miller, I think this is a great project for you! Will be tackled as broader branding conversation.
:white_check_mark: Explain why people should sign up. Take a look at First time here? Welcome! 👋🏽 for our list of reasons.
:outbox_tray: Write a 2019-2020 Action Plan. I’m working on this! Will be tackled as broader strategy conversation.

Signing Up
:white_check_mark: Open the privacy policy and terms and conditions in a new tab when going through the sign up process. I proposed this to the discourse team and they made the change!
:x: Make the activation process one-click only. Unfortunately, the discourse team said this wasn’t possible to change.

Welcome Message
:white_check_mark: Remove trust level information. Done.
:white_check_mark: Give a menu of options that people can do first. Done.

:white_check_mark: Simplify the #jobs category description so that the note on salaries required in jobs postings isn’t within the top-level description. I made this happen.
:white_check_mark: Change the categories view. We’ll continue testing what users want to see first!

Thanks @danydegrave!

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Yep. the Banner is wrapped up with the branding and the logo so that’s on a list for me.

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