Feedback from Paloma Garcia

@pgarcia90 is the communications manager for our partner the Alliance for School Integration and Desegregation. She manages the school integration events calendar and sends their newsletters.

She signed up for the forum and had the following feedback!

:partying_face: Likes the boxy category view that I was testing this time. This matches Dany Degrave’s feedback.

:outbox_tray: Put the events calendar in a more prominent place because right now it takes multiple clicks to get there. This will be discussed as part of our larger calendar redesign project that may launch in the future.
:outbox_tray: Add instructions to calendar on how to see just one calendar at a time. Same note as above.
:white_check_mark: Color code the tags. I went ahead and color coded some of the tags. I made the #school-integration tag red to match the calendar color.

I know this Paloma Garcia!!

Wow! That’s so cool!

I worked with her at the center for educational equity, will she be there on Sat? how did you get connected?

The Alliance for School Integration and Desegregation has been a huge partner of ours. We worked with them most closely on their communications infrastructure, particularly the calendar, so when Paloma came on board to do ASID communications, we met up to talk strategy!

She won’t be there on Saturday, but is definitely part of the larger collective. She’s excited about the forum, and is a great example of how a collective impact partner might want to engage!

That’s cool. She’s great!
Remind me tomorrow to ask you about this thread and its privacy settings, etc.

I had the same thought on privacy because of this exchange! Currently everything under Service Projects is visible only to staff (that’s forum admin and moderators: you, Brad, Sean, me, and our admin account “Pup”).