Feedback from Sokhnadiarra Ndiaye

Many thanks to @diarra for going through the sign-up process today.

She’s a youth leader at Teens Take Charge.

Her feedback:
:inbox_tray: “What if you’re 23 and you want to be an adult ally?” Her point is that identifying as a youth leader vs adult ally doesn’t always line up with exact age. I’m personally not sure of how to tackle this at the moment. Ideas welcome! I also say we will naturally tackle this again during the membership conversation, so it’s okay to move this topic to done!
:inbox_tray: “I like it, but it could look more modern.” An example Sokhnadiarra gave of a modern design was GripTape. We’ll naturally work on the modern look during the branding conversation.
:white_check_mark: “What’s BBCode?” Asked when she encountered the text editor screen for the first time.

I went ahead and removed the middle “Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML” language via the admin customize text settings

I also want to celebrate amazing progress on our site based on previous user feedback.

@diarra independently followed the steps we anticipated users would follow!

  1. Land on homepage
  2. Read banner
  3. Click on First time here? Welcome! 👋🏽
  4. Click on Sign Up button (describing the Sign Up button as on top and blue definitely helped)
  5. Complete Create New Account form
  6. Activate account
  7. Read first notification message

In addition, she saw exactly what this forum is about! “Looks like a place where people are going to share their ideas” and “This is us!” when she read that she’ll receive insider news about youth advocacy.

So, celebrations! :confetti_ball::sun_with_face::heart::tada:

Looking forward to her first post…