January 2020 Board Meeting?

@board-circle Quick question.

Are we going to have a formal Board meeting in January?

We have the Planning call scheduled for the first week of January, to discuss the launch event. But wasn’t sure if we would have a Board meeting also some time in Jan, to discuss other organizational things.

I can think of the following topics to discuss:

  • Recruiting board members + confirming Farzana as board circle secretary!
  • Project management processes
  • Review our progress this quarter as a team and celebrate successes + discuss areas to grow
  • Fundraising for Youth Power campaign
  • Staff compensation
  • Plan for Rachel’s maternity leave
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Hi There,

Sorry to be late to this - rough weekend for the family - lots of sickness.
Anyway, this week is very busy for me, but next week or the last week might work, Thursdays are preferable for me.

Let me know what you all think.
Thank you,

Hi There,

I totally missed this email back in Dec and only getting to it now.

We should have at least one more Launch Party Conf Call, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a smaller/shorter Board call/meet up either. Maybe even stack the two?

One hour party one hour board?

Let me know what you think about this and next ThursdaY?



Hey Rachel,

(I just saw your email getting us all on the same page! Great email!!! I just keep writing this reply, to get my thoughts out.)

No worries, at all. Lots of emails and meetings flying around!

So, I think now maybe we hold off on the General Board meeting. There’s a lot of work left to build out the February fundraiser. Once there is a set agenda, fundraising plan, etc - I think then we can come back to more macro matters. But since NYCEDU is so small - the board basically carries out stafflike duties - maybe it makes sense to just get set with the Feb event.

And now that there is the partnership with IntregrateNYC, NYCEDU has some programatic focus. Perhaps the next step for getting that together, is some joint planning sessions with IntregrateNYC? Then in February

Typing fast. Hoping I make sense!


I think that makes a lot of sense to me!

Replying back to the planning thread:

It seems like we should really focus our efforts on the Launch party & hold off on a general board meeting.

Michael was kind enough to send a place holder reminder for the Conf Call for the Launch Party for next Thursday.



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fyi - I’m marking this topic as done given that our March agenda has now been set!