Merge #NYCEDU and Youth Power Coalition

# Governance

Propose Aims and Domain of Merger Helping Circle

  • Aim #1: Making proposals for how to merge #NYCEDU and Youth Power Coalition

  • Aim #2: Tracking and managing status of tasks needed to complete merger

  • Domain: Merger proposals

Nominate members and roles of members in the Merger Helping Circle

Add Merger Helping Circle to Mission Circle Agenda

Create Merger Helping Circle

# Legal

## Research Implications of Name Change Strategy (either DBA or Legal Name Change)

Ask and document feedback

…. The Lawyers Alliance: New York corporations are statutorily required to conduct activities under their true legal names; however, a corporation may conduct activities under a name other than its legal name by filing a certificate of assumed name with the Department of State. This can be an expensive process depending on the number of counties in which the entity does business or intends to do business in the state (New York City alone has five counties, and a fee is required for each county). Changing the legal name of the entity does not fall within the current scope of our engagement, so before we would be able to assist, we would need to discuss with our firm’s pro bono leadership and enter into a supplemental engagement letter

…. Flipcause: We recognize DBAs in the official name on the account. You can operate and list your name as the DBA for your campaigns but on the receipts sent to donors it would be listed as "NYCEDUORG dba Youth Power Coalition "

…. Chase Bank

…. ED Happy Hour

Research Costs

…. Cost of DBA

…. Cost of Legal Name Change

Create proposed timeline for Name Change Strategy

…. Timeline for DBA

…. Timeline for Legal Name Change

Create Resource Bank for Mission Circle members to review

Add Name Change Strategy to Mission Circle Agenda

Make final Name Change Strategy decision

## File Legal Documentation

### If Legal Name Change

File certificate of amendment with NY State - $60

File New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Business Tax Account Update

File Form 1120 with Name Change


### If DBA

File Certificate of Assumed Name with NY State - Minimum $525 ($25 to file with the state and $100 for each county within New York City). Fee for a corporation to file a Certificate of Assumed Name in all counties in New York State, including the Department of State’s fee, is $1950.

Request certified copy/copies with Certificate of Assumed Name - Minimum $10 (Section 130(4) of the General Business Law requires that a certified copy of the filing be displayed on the premises where business is conducted under the assumed name)


## Update Foundational Documents


Vision Sheet

Bank Records

# Internal Comms

## Software Accounts

Update G Suite

…. Combine and under same G Suite Admin

…. Join TechSoup

…. Request Google for Nonprofits

Update Discourse

Give DNS access to Sean

…. Rename subdomain (idea is

…. Move domains to

… … Pre-launch Migration Questionnaire

… … Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server

… … Add Redirects

…. Change all references of #NYCEDU to Youth Power Coalition

…. Change Discourse admin accounts and emails

Update Slack

…. Make the owner of Slack

Update GitHub (ask Sean for details)

Other Accounts

…. Update all existing accounts under any [email] account to appropriate [email] account

## Circle Structure

Create Circle Structure Documentation

…. Create circles in Kumu

…. Create policies for creating circles in Kumu

Organize Google Drive by Circles

Create Google Folders

Move historic documents into google Folders

…. Create policies for organizing and sharing Google Drive

Organize Discourse Categories by Circles

…. Create policies for creating circles in Discourse

…. Change Category post by email settings

Organize Google Groups and Discourse Groups by Circles

…. Propose purpose of Google Groups vs. Discourse Groups. We’ll use only Google Groups. We’ll help members of teams decide how to watch Discourse categories that make sense to them instead.

…. …. Experiment with Discourse Groups in calendar invites. Basically doesn’t work very well.

…. …. Remove minimum post length limitation of Discourse Groups

…. Create policies for creating circles in Google Groups and Discourse Groups

…. Add members to the correct groups

…. Add groups to the correct Google Folders

…. Add groups to the correct Discourse Categories

…. Change Discourse Group post by email settings

Organize Slack channels and groups by Circles

…. Create policy for Slack channels and groups

…. Create channels and groups with necessary documentation

…. Add members to the correct channels and groups

Create policy for creating a new Circle in the Youth Power Coalition

## Transfer and/or Update Existing Content

Google Drive Documents, Slides, etc.

Google Photos

Discourse Posts

# External Comms

Formalize External Comms Circle

…. Propose Aims and Domains

…. Nominate for Circle Roles

…. …. Leader(s)

…. …. Facilitator(s)

…. …. Secretary(ies)

…. Set regular meeting times

Finalize logo

…. Check usage rights of image

…. Flip bottom fists so fist of person of color is on the inside and therefore not likely to be cut off

Write mission statement


…. Announce Name Change to Newsletter Subscribers

…. Change all references to #NYCEDU to Youth Power Coalition

…. Add Youth Power Coalition Convening contacts to Newsletter


…. Change Facebook Page to Youth Power Coalition

…. Update logo, description, website, etc.


…. Change LinkedIn Company to Youth Power Coalition

…. Update logo, description, website, etc.


…. Change @nyceduorg to @youthpowercoalition

…. Update @nyceduretweets to point to @youthpowercoalition

…. Update logo, description, website, etc.


…. Update logo, description, website, etc.


…. Rebrand as Youth Power Coalition

…. Add new Social Media accounts


…. Update Social Media Account settings

# Finance

Approve Budget


…. Submit IRS Determination letter

…. Change all references to Youth Power Coalition

…. Change financial deposit straight into Youth Power Coalition Bank Account

Bank Account

…. Add President and Treasurer to the Bank Account

…. Change name to Youth Power Coalition

Withdraw from 4.0 Schools Fiscal Agency Agreement