#NYCEDU's Back-to-School Potluck Party on September 22nd at 4pm!

It’s back-to-school this week, which means it’s time for our annual potluck party! Come to Central Park on Sunday, September 22nd from 4-6pm. Bring your family and friends, bring something to share, and be ready to celebrate a new year. RSVP here! https://app.splashthat.com/events/potluckparty2019nycedu/overview

My gift to the community are some of my favorite photos from last year! You’ll probably see some familiar faces :slightly_smiling_face:

THE GAMES: Beach ball action shot.

THE FOOD: On the table were chips and dip, fruits, Haitian beef patties, breakfast fried rice, green tea Choco Pies, teas and juices, and yes, an umbrella because we just almost got rained out. But, optimism for the win!

THE PEOPLE: We came from all over!

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Can’t wait to see everyone and bring the family!

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This brings back memories!

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