PAID Youth Leader Fellowship Opportunity. Application due January 31st!

From the YA-YA Network! “We are also looking for another member to join our Basebuilding Subcommittee! As a Basebuilding fellow, you will be at the frontlines of our struggle with metal detectors in public schools and strategizing with other folks in order to #makeschoolsafeagain. BBSC fellows receive a stipend of $100 monthly. Application due January 31st!” LINK:

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This is a flyer advertising this fellowship opportunity. It reads:

Ya-Ya Network. Youth Activists. Youth Allies.
basebuilding subcommittee

We attend public meetings, meet with power holders, strategize, agitate, and build relationships with ally orgs and community partners. Currently working on a media documentary with GAP (Global Action Project) for #MakeSchoolsSafeAgain.

PAID opportunity open to all youth!

Deadline: January 31

It looks like an AMAZING opportunity.

Full Details

Base-building is the most essential skill set for an activist to have. It is the process of movement building–in essence–“building” (growing) our “base” (our people, the folks we mobilize to fight the important issues).

Base-building subcommittee, or BBSC, is a volunteer working group part of YA-YA Network that’s dedicated to increasing our visibility and growing our campaign to fight the racist and arbitrary presence of metal detectors and scanners in schools. BBSC is currently seeking fellows to make a strong time commitment and can take lead working on a series of projects that expand our reach and power as activists, involving but not limited to:

  • In-person outreach: recruiting and increasing our membership. Visiting schools and ally organizations’ events, tabling, etc. Practicing elevator pitch and rap sheet, developing follow-up skills
  • Planning events @ the YA-YA Network
  • Creating dynamic digital content including but not limited to social media, video, audio, essays, images, etc.
  • Creating story-based strategic media campaigns that raise awareness and challenge the people in power
  • Escalating pressure on decision-makers to enact policy changes through public advocacy and direct action

BBSC members meet in-person every Thursday from 5-7PM, and fellows will be required to do some work independently outside of in-person meetings.

BBSC fellows receive a stipend of $100 monthly.

*** If your application is strong, you will be contacted for an in-person interview ***

Contact Shaktii for questions or additional info:

Text 347-875-0785