RSVP by tonight! Collaborative for Advancing Youth Development's 2019 State of the Field Conference on Youth Participation on December 10th

I’m really excited about this event! It’s specifically about youth leadership in New York City and will be a great opportunity to learn about and be inspired by what’s happening.

We will be exploring the possibilities that can arise when one combines decades of deep rooted community-youth development work in NYC; a rich civic ecosystem composed of youth activism groups, youth councils, youth participatory budgeting, youth participatory action research/evaluation and youth on community boards; with a rights-based approach to youth participation used globally.

  • Hear keynote Anucha Browne share exciting developments from UNICEF USA
  • Learn with and from colleagues
  • Engage in interactive activities and critical conversations
  • Network at our celebration event following the formal conference

@Farzana-Pritte and I will be there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Shout-out to @Farzana-Pritte for speaking in front of the entire conference about youth leadership and school integration! Also on stage are Julisa Perez of IntegrateNYC and conference organizer Sarah Zeller-Berkman.

[Description: Sarah, Julisa, and Farzana on stage with a backdrop that reads “Collaborative for Advancing Youth Development 2019 State of the Field Conference on Youth Participation: Advancing Impact, Justice, and Hope.” The logos on the backdrop include CUNY School of Professional Studies, hello insight, Partnership for After School Education, the public science project, YOUTH Inc, and Youth Development Institute. Also pictured is a young person holding the sign “STUDENT VOICE is great, but we prefer ADULT ACTION.”]