What are our board roles and responsibilities?

What are the responsibilities of the whole board?

  • Raise funding
  • Set strategy
  • Recruit staff, volunteers, and partners
  • Make sure our organization is following the law
  • Represent our organization in public

What do we expect of our board members?

  • 10-15 hours/month
  • Within our top three out-of-school/work commitments
  • Attend at least 70% of board meetings
  • Responsive via email, forum, and phone communications
  • Act on principle: make decisions true to our shared vision, mission, and values

What are the responsibilities held by any specialized roles?

Board chair

  • Have the big picture and be clear about the work that the board needs to accomplish:
    • What needs doing next?
    • Are members doing what they agreed to do?
    • What might be needed so operations can run more smoothly?
  • Engage and support each board member through individual meetings, public acknowledgment, etc.
  • Give feedback on performance to each board members so they can be effective
  • Coaches and leads board evaluation of the executive director
  • Ensure fiduciary and legal compliance
  • Execute all instruments requiring a signature on behalf of the Organization
  • Serve as or designate a public spokesperson for the Organization
  • Perform the duties of other executive officers if they are unable or unwilling to complete them as stated in these bylaws or at the direction of the board


  • Makes sure meeting minutes are taken, approved, stored, and communicated
  • Interprets the meeting notes in case of disagreement
  • Keeps track of all documents
  • Supports planning the agenda
  • Maintain custody of the seal of the organization, if any, and validate documents by affixing the seal as authorized by the board or the president
  • Perform the duties of the board chair if they are unable or unwilling to complete them as stated in these bylaws or at the direction of the board


  • Draft and present the annual budget to the board
  • Prepare and present a treasurer’s report at board meetings
  • Check accounting work for errors and fraud
  • Sign or approve checks and other payments, and sign the annual tax return for the organization, known as a Form 990


  • Prepare meeting agenda in collaboration with leader and secretary
  • Guides circle through the decision-making process

Who are our current board members?

See our Mission Circle + Board of Directors Planning Document for current membership.

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